Brill's Banana's Foster

Banana's Foster: Serves Two….has alcohol in it though, although most of it burns off in the cooking process.

(these directions are not exact…we found that measuring them made the dessert not as much fun to make, and depending on the temp of the burner it always turns out a little different each time regardless…

Please be very careful, this is a FLAMING dessert, meaning the alcohol you add flames, making a great show!)
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Macadamia Lemon Bars

This is the recipe for the BEST. LEMON BARS. EVER. My dad got it from some cookbook years back and we have never looked back! You can get a nylon nut grinder at food specialty stores, or I got mine at a yard sale. It gives a better texture but if you don't have one use a food processor to grind the nuts or chop them finely with a knife. The reason it makes 25, which means they turn out small, is that they are SO rich! But if you really want to you can cut them bigger– just be warned they're calorie-laden! Continue reading

Loosemeat Sandwiches

Kind of a Sloppy Joe without tomatoes (or slop). I can't claim credit for this one; it's from recipezaar, but with my modifications. One of our absolute favorites! Use a cast iron skillet if you have one; it makes for a wonderful flavor, even though it's a little more work to clean. This makes about 4 to 6 sandwiches, depending on the size buns you get. Warning: my husband and I regularly eat this in one sitting, alone, when I make the whole recipe, so make sure you make enough! Continue reading