Brill's Banana's Foster

Banana's Foster: Serves Two….has alcohol in it though, although most of it burns off in the cooking process.

(these directions are not exact…we found that measuring them made the dessert not as much fun to make, and depending on the temp of the burner it always turns out a little different each time regardless…

Please be very careful, this is a FLAMING dessert, meaning the alcohol you add flames, making a great show!)
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Seared Seseme Encrusted Tuna with Ginger Sauce

Once you've adjusted the cooking time for your own stove and frying pan, this tuna is to die for. The cooking directions should leave the tuna rare. If you like it even rarer, cut the tuna into larger strips. If you can't stand sashimi, cook it a little longer. Expect to try 2 or 3 times before you get it just how you want. Continue reading