Galettes de Brocliande (Galetez Brekilien)

The original crepes sales (savory or dinner crepes) of Brittany, made of the native ble noir (buckwheat) flour the peasants ate after selling the more valuable wheat flour to the city. These dinner crepes go well with meats, potatoes and strong cheeses. Traditional Breton vegetables include onions, asparagus and artichokes. Cook up whatever hearty filling suits your taste. Continue reading

"Country Style" Onion Soup

A light but surprisingly rich onion soup. Suitable for a simple lunch or dinner if served with a hearty bread (sourdough is best) and a salad and some milk, or use it as the soup course for a big dinner and impress everyone. My dad calls it "country style" because he was served something very like it (although, he thinks, made with chicken or beef stock) while staying with friends in the French countryside. Try to find butter with the ingredients "sweet cream" or "cream, salt"; it will taste much better. Use home-made veggie stock if possible, or, if you must, canned, but taste carefully before salting in that case! About four servings. Continue reading