Dad's Salted Steak with (or without) Garlic

My dad taught me this one. Awesome for a quick dinner with boiled, mashed, or any other kind of potatoes and a salad (especially a nice garlicky Ceasar). Living in beef country, we buy steaks on sale (good cuts are sometimes marked down as cheap as or cheaper than ground beef), and wrap, bag, and freeze until we're ready to eat them. (Freezing also tenderizes them a bit, so even cheaper cuts are really gooood.) Slicing the steak and putting in the garlic is optional, but why would you omit it? It's sooooo goooood. You can also add pepper right before you do the salt, but we find it detracts from the garlic and beef and salt flavors. Continue reading

Best Ever Vinegar Pie Crust

I won't eat any other kind; my grandma, mom, and aunt make this, and until I was 11, I didn't know there WAS another kind. Good both in desserts (sprinkle top with sugar for a two-crust pie) and main dishes (really good with pot pie). Don't go substituting for the shortening, unless you use lard. Lard and shortening are 100% fat, while butter and margarine are only 80% fat. It won't work right, trust me. To freeze, flatten individual crusts into discs about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick, wrap in waxed paper, and freeze in airtight freezer bags with all the air squeezed out. To defrost, let sit out, don't do it in the fridge or it'll get too dry. It doesn't have to completely defrost before you use it; just start rolling as it's starting to soften and it'll speed the process. Makes 4 pie crusts (enough for 4 one-crust pies or 2 two-crust pies). Also good for pasties, turnovers, etc. Continue reading

Anne's Perfect Ham and Cheese Scrambled Eggs

I hate scrambled eggs. Except, that is, when I make them. These, I like. Even my dad says they're perfect! If you're looking for firm eggs, go somewhere else; these are both moist and gooey, while not undercooked (I have a horror of salmonella). Serves 1 to 2. Simply double to serve 3 to 4 (or two people with bigger appetites).
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Microwave Meatloaf

I learned the method from my dad, but the seasoning is my own. Serves about 4-6, depending on your appetite. Feel free to adjust the seasoning as you wish. 🙂

Please note: this recipe is intended for use with a newer microwave oven, with wattage of 1000 or more. If yours isn't that powerful, you may need to adjust the time up. Just make sure it reaches a safe internal temperature, especially if using turkey. Continue reading