Applesauce Jell-o

My mom made this, minus the apple chunks, when we were sick or as a special treat. The applesauce adds a great texture, kids love it, and if they don't like fruit, they'll still usually eat this! In fact, without the chunks or the cinnamon, it's a great treat for toddlers. I make it with cinnamon applesauce and the apple chunks as a side for holiday meals. (Hey, there are so many Mormons, we had to have a jell-o recipe.) Continue reading

Choose Your Own Adventure Roasted Root Vegetables

I typed this one up when my baby brother wanted to learn to cook for a new girlfriend who was a vegetarian. He doens't do well with "real" recipes (neither do I) so I started sending him "cooking blueprints" instead.

You can also drop a chicken or a pork loin in the middle of this, in which case you should adjust the time and temperature to whatever's appropriate for the meat. Continue reading